Make active ingredients really active

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Innovative nanovesicles


Our principle: „Make active ingredients really effective“.

Our topic: Development and products of nanovesicles loaded with active components for cosmetics, pharmacy and as dietary supplements.

Our competence: More than 25 years of experience in the field of liposomes and other nanocarrier systems


  • Stable multiple W/O/W and O/W nanoemulsions (patented)
  • Better encapsulation efficiency and penetration properties than flexible liposomes
  • Loading natural masks (BNC) with lipophilic active ingredients (patent pending)
  • Edible nanovesicles dispersed in water containing l ipophilic agents / oils


  • You want to increase the penetration of your active ingredients?
  • You want to stabilize your active ingredients?
  • You are looking for a more effective carrier system?
  • You want to increase the bioavailability of your active ingredients?
  • Then Sopharcos can support you!


Cosmetics: Portfolio of penetrating nanoencapsulated hydrophilic and lipophilic active ingredients. Exceptionally high encapsulation efficacy (e.g. 10% tocopherol).

Dietary supplements: Nanoencapsulation of oil-soluble edible active ingredients for the use in water and beverages.